Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Calling All Big Bang Theory Fans

On Monday nights starting at 7:00, I watch an hour of TV: The Big Bang Theory followed by How I Met Your Mother. For a long time I didn't watch any shows on CBS. But they're doing me right with these two sitcoms. (But not the two after. Those look terrible.)

BBT offers genuine chuckles and truly unique characters. What's perhaps most interesting about my involvement in this show, however, is that I have some level of a crush on this guy:

What does that mean about me? I don't know. Maybe it's as simple as the fact that I like nerds. Or maybe I find social awkwardness endearing. What's weird, though, is that Sheldon is possibly the least datable character in the history of celluloid. Because it's not just that he's nerdy or awkward; it's that in certain aspects, he's completely socially removed. You could date him, but he wouldn't date you.

His particular social makeup contributes heavily to the premise for the show: four brilliant scientists struggle to perform very basic human interactions, as displayed in their interplay with their "normal" neighbor, Penny. And it also has people asking if the writers intended Sheldon to have Asperger's syndrome.

I like it that "Aspies" have a sympathetic character on mainstream TV. And I like Sheldon. And I like nerds. So, yeah, I enjoy this show.

Anyway, here's some video featuring an interview with Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Mr. Sheldon. I think he was also in Garden State: "By the way, it says 'balls' on your face." That's a key line.

Monday, February 9, 2009

World music fan, are you?

So I've been spending some time on Edun Live's Web site, checking them out. They're this really cool company associated in some way with Bono that makes T-shirts in Africa, creating sustainable industry in several African countries. It's like American Apparel, only international and without Dov Charney's sexual harassment.

Anyway, on their site, they have some streaming radio, and first in the queue was a song called "lakeside" by BLK JKS. (I think this is pronounced "Black Jacks.") They're from South Africa, and they have great beats. Here's their Blogger blog.

Let me know if you likie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dr. Dog

I'm always interested in finding new bands. I don't know if this is because I genuinely enjoy the music, or because I'm on a constant quest to have Heard Of Them First. Every now and then, I explore my psyche a little to figure out which, but then I start thinking about food or something and give up.

So anyway, in my constant search for hip new indie bands, I like to listen to RSU's radio station in my car (91.3--I'm pretty sure this is where I first heard Band of Horses). If I hear something I like and the announcers don't announce it, I jot down a snatch of the lyrics (only at red lights, I promise) and go home and Google it. This process led me to Maritime and, most recently, to Dr. Dog.

I think lots of people besides me have heard of Dr. Dog. But they're new to me, and I likes them very much. They remind me of Ra Ra Riot.

Here they are on Letterman being awesome. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three lyric snatches from today

Midmorning: “I know a man who lives under his covers / uh uh uh uh uh uh.” “Murray” by Pete Yorn. I likes the Yorn. And I can’t be the first to have noticed that he’s a really pretty guy.

Noonish: “I am on your side / It’s taken me a long time.” “On Your Side,” again by Pete Yorn. Sorry, it was a musicforthemorningafter day.

Right now: “I need to get out / Or figure this **it out.” I think it’s called “Disturbia,” and I think it’s by Rihanna. How many singles did that girl have out this year, anyway? She’s like the Elizabeth Banks of pop music.

Check you later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

With Apologies to Mr. Colbert


So, item 1. New Decemberists album, which they will play in entirety at South by Southwest. That's pretty cool. The Crane Wife is the best album I never listen to; every now and then, I put it in the player and think, "Why don't I listen to this all the time?" And I haven't heard much of their other stuff, but Colin Meloy's live song stylings are just lovely.

Item 2: South by Southwest is adding a social networking element to their Web site. This happened in an episode of The Office, didn't it? That didn't turn out so well. Ryan.