Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dr. Dog

I'm always interested in finding new bands. I don't know if this is because I genuinely enjoy the music, or because I'm on a constant quest to have Heard Of Them First. Every now and then, I explore my psyche a little to figure out which, but then I start thinking about food or something and give up.

So anyway, in my constant search for hip new indie bands, I like to listen to RSU's radio station in my car (91.3--I'm pretty sure this is where I first heard Band of Horses). If I hear something I like and the announcers don't announce it, I jot down a snatch of the lyrics (only at red lights, I promise) and go home and Google it. This process led me to Maritime and, most recently, to Dr. Dog.

I think lots of people besides me have heard of Dr. Dog. But they're new to me, and I likes them very much. They remind me of Ra Ra Riot.

Here they are on Letterman being awesome. Enjoy.

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