Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big News (I Mean, Right?)

The Cure has a new album out. To me, this feels like a giant tidal wave of music news, but I don't know why, because they've been releasing albums fairly steadily since their heyday. I guess a lot of those albums were hits collections and b-sides compilations. And a Depeche Mode cover album. Anyway, maybe the reason I feel like this is the first I'm hearing from The Cure in a while is that it's the first I'm hearing from The Cure in a while. Most of the songs of theirs that I listen to are the '80s and '90s ones, and I didn't start listening to them until a few years ago. So my Cure listening has always been a bit retroactive. I listen to them the way I listen to The Beatles: I love Revolver, but I have no idea what Ringo is doing right now.

4:13 Dream looks great. I sampled some of the tracks on Amazon. They don't sound exactly like the Cure songs I know best--a lot of those songs have that strong '80s, St. Elmo's Fire flavor. These new tracks remind me a little of Morrissey and even Counting Crows. I likes it.

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Jon said...

The new Cure album has been on my "would like to buy" list for several weeks now. I am reluctant due to the low quality of their self-titled 2004 album. I was very excited for that album and it disappointed me greatly. The 30 second previews of the new album sound good, though.