Friday, December 12, 2008

My Concession Speech

Okay, fine. Fine, okay? I concede that Radiohead is awesome. I'm at a coffeeshop, and they're playing The Bends, and it's fantastic. "High and Dry." "Fake Plastic Trees." It's great, okay?

But I still defend my previous and deeply-held belief that Amnesiac is pointlessly depressing. Melancholy is not the same thing as depth--sometimes melancholy is more self-indulgent than anything, and I think Amnesiac toes the line. Thirty minutes of this album makes me want to go to bed with a bottle of vodka, and I will never apologize for saying so.

But the other albums, they're good. I even like Pablo Honey (which apparently no one else does) and In Rainbows. Maybe I just like all the wrong Radiohead albums. Maybe I'm a nonconformist. Just like Thom Yorke.

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